Grand Motorcycle Tours

Grand Motorcycle Tours have been designed with the objective of exploring the best roads and interesting sites without neglecting anything of significance. Riding days vary from 10 to 16 days. Daily distances are shorter but intense for quality and scenery. The itinerary will connect all the places worth seeing and you’ll have time to visit them instead of just flying by.

On our Grand Motorcycle Tours we choose our hotels with the intent of being able to enjoy the towns. We try as much as possible to have two nights in the same hotel. This will allow you to actually experience them and rest should you need to.

A support van will always be available on these tours to carry your luggage. It will offer technical support to the motorcycles. It will make a comfortable seat available for any passenger in need of time off the saddle.

A bilingual English/Italian motorcycle guide will also be available all the time to make your navigation as smooth as possible. Not only he will guide you but he will also answer any questions you may have about Italian life, history and habits.