7 day Motorcycle Tours

7 day motorcycle tours are designed for people who can only dedicate a week to their motorcycle touring passion, and still wish to explore Italy and Europe on a motorcycle.

CIMT have created 7 day motorcycle tours which offer intense motorcycle touring pills. We select a particular area of Italy and Europe and explored it thoroughly. We ride our motorcycles to the most interesting sites. Enjoy the best twisty and scenic roads available and try to keep away from congested and highway traffic as much as possible.

We choose our accommodation in the historical heart of small towns so that you can experience Italian social life. Feel part of the place not just a tourist passing by. Our accommodations will be comfortable and clean. You’ll feel the warmth of the Italian hospitality. Small motorcycle touring groups means we can use small hotels. We can enjoy their homely welcome, and be in the centre of town. This allows us to take a stroll to the local gelato shop and family restaurant just around the corner.

Intense in every sense!!