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Francesco E. Venzi


if you are thinking of riding in Italy, alone or with a group of friends, you may want to consider hiring a motorcycle guide.

Consider these 5 points about why hiring a motorcycle guide would benefit you:

1) The guide will plan the ride for you and with you, following your specific wishes and releasing you from the task of planning, researching and executing. It will be tailor-made according to what you have in mind and with an honest opinion about what is feasible and what not. You’ll have a professional rider with local knowledge available to make sure you get the best out of your trip.

2) During the ride he will be able to react to changing circumstances and conditions. He’ll be there to assist you during unexpected issues and liaise with the local people and authorities. He’ll be there as a reference point throughout the entire trip

3) The guide will navigate for you so you can just relax, concentrate on the riding, and enjoy the ride to the fullest. Much better than a GPS even if he will use one.

4) The guide will be able to give you insights about the history of the places you ride through, about the cultural/political aspects of what you will encounter, suggest great food and great wines to try, suggest great local guides/friends specialised in specific sites, make sure you witness incredible local gems, and live Italy under all aspects

5) You’ll be riding with a friend not a policeman. Peace of mind and fun are the guide’s main objectives. CIMT’s guide is the one and only Francesco, the owner : )! You’ll be in good hands!

Contact Francesco and start planning your Italian motorcycle riding vacation.

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