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Frequently Asked Questions


Motorcycle Rentals in Italy



1) When should I reserve a motorcycle?

The height of the season is in May, June and September. For these months you should really book with nearly a year advance, to be sure to have the model you wish for. For the rest of the year 6 months advance should be sufficient. Last minute rentals are also possible, there will be something available, but probably not what you are looking for. Groups of 3 or more bikes should be booked with at least 6 months advance.

2) Are all of your bikes equipped with luggage?

Yes, all bikes are fitted with hard side cases and top case (if technically possible). Usually 33 litre side cases and 45/53 litres top case.

3) How many km are included in your price?

We now offer only unlimited km fee for rental of 5 days up to 14 days. For rentals of more than 14 days please contact us at

4) Where can I leave my empty suitcases?

You can leave them at the rental station. For one way rentals we can post the suitcases with a courier at the cost of 26 euro per case in between rental stations. 

5) Do I need to bring my helmet and jacket?

The rental does not include riding apparel. We have something for emergencies (i.e. your riding gear luggage was lost or delayed in flight), but we really recommend you come with your gear if you are riding for longer periods.

6) How do I go about reserving a motorcycle?

First of all send an email to asking for availability of the bike of your wishes out of the models listed in the rental section.
You should supply the following information: model, month and day, rental station (choosing out of Rome, Florence, Milan)
Once you get an answer on what is available you will be sent an booking form which you should fill in and send back to CIMT.
Your rental will be then confirmed by email.

8) How do I pay for the rental?

We require a 15% booking fee. The balance will be owed on the day of rental start

9) What if I have to cancel?

The booking deposit is not refundable once it is taken.
a) cancel before 30 days: 15% booking deposit is held in credit for another rental within the following season
b) cancel between 30 and 15 days: booking deposit is lost
c) cancel less than 15 days: you are liable for the entire value of the rental

10) What is my liability for damages and theft on the rented motorcycle?

Each motorcycle is assigned a damage deposit. This will be confirmed when your booking is taken and it can be seen in the rental section.
This is the maximum liability that you have in the event of damages to or theft of the motorcycle.
All rental bikes are insured for damages to third parties or to the transported passenger for up to 6 million euro, as required by Italian law.

11) Are there any exceptions when the liability isn't limited by the damage deposit?

yes, there are:
1) if the driver/renter was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
2) if the driver/renter intentionally damages the motorcycle or commits a serious driving offence when damaging the bike
3) if, in the event of theft, the full set of keys are not returned (i.e. the bike was stolen because the keys were in the ignition)
4) if there are crashes between two rented bikes. All bikes are in the same ownership. Insurance does not cover one against one self. This is especially important for damages to people!!! the renter will then be held personally liable for any injuries and damages caused to the other rental bike and its occupants. This is very important to know when riding in groups!! 
5) if the bike gets impounded by the police for any offence which contemplates this, like riding without wearing a helmet. In this case you'd be liable for a rental fee which covers the period in which the police will impound the bike.

12) How is the damage deposit taken?

CIMT and associates will freeze (but not cash) the entire amount of the damage deposit on a VISA or MasterCard on rental day start. Please make sure you have enough funds to cover this. Don't count on this sum during your ride as this is held and unavailable for you.
IMPORTANT! make sure that your bank and credit card company know that you are coming to Italy and that the damage deposit will be going through. This saves a lot of time and expensive overseas calls when collecting the bike.
If the damage deposit is not authorised, the rented motorcycle will under no circumstance leave the rental. CIMT and associates will consider this like a last minute cancellation.

13) When will the damage deposit be released?

the damage deposit will be released as soon as the motorcycle is returned in the same conditions as it was when it left the rental. If there are damages, these will be priced up and the balance of the damage deposit will be then released.
IMPORTANT: some credit card companies do not allow frozen amounts to be used for the entire month in which they were taken, even if CIMT releases them. CIMT has no power to alter this.

14) What happens if the rented motorcycle has a mechanical fault?

All rented motorcycle receive official regular own brand servicing, even when the warranty has expired. All motorcycles are covered by breakdown assistance. This will provide immediate transportation to the nearest garage, where the fault will be fixed.
If this is not possible then CIMT will provide a replacement bike within the Italian territory, if this is available. In the event a replacement bike should not be available, CIMT will refund all of the rental days which weren't used and offer assistance in getting hold of other means of transportation to let you carry on your journey.
CIMT is not liable for any accessory cost

15) What happens if I crash the rental bike?

if you crash your rented bike, the bike will be transported to the nearest garage by the road side assistance, included in the price of the rental. The damage to the bike will be assessed by the local garage which will do the repair, if possible. The bill for the repair will have to be paid by the renter in advance. If the bike cannot be repaired in such a way that it is safe to ride, then your journey is over. No refund will be given on missed rental days and the cost of the transportation of the damaged bike back to the rental station of origin will be added to the repair bill over and above the damage deposit.