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rental conditions

General Conditions :

1. Minimum age 25. However, in some cases, if the under required age rider is accompanied by an older rider willing accept the responsibility, we may be able to supply some lower level motorcycles. The maximum age is 77, sadly our insurance wont cover riders older than this. 
By Italian law anyone under 21 can only ride motorcycles with less than 25kW (34hp).

2. Motorcycle license. International compulsory for non-EU license holders.

3. 30% booking deposit of the 0km rental price will be levied on receiving your written booking confirmation. This deposit once levied will become non-refundable. The remaining 70% of total rental will be due 15 days prior to rental commencement. You will be contacted with details about the payment required. Any cancellations after the balance has been taken are not refundable. If you do cancel a booking prior to 30 days from rental start then your deposit can be used as deposit for a rental up to the end of the following season to the one you had made the booking. If you cancel between 30 and 15 days prior to rental start date the booking deposit becomes cancellation panalty. If you cancel between 15 and 0 days you loose the entire value of the 0km rental. 

in summary if you have to cancel:
up to 30 days
from rental start 50% booking deposit is kept for the entire following season as credit towards a rental or other services
from 30 to 15 days from rental start you loose the booking deposit
from 15 to 0 days from rental start you loose the entire 0km rental fee. 

4. Damage Deposit. Each motorcycle has a damage deposit. This is expressed in a column of the price list. This amount will be frozen on your credit card, but not cashed. Please ensure that you have enough funds to cover the rental price and the damage deposit on your cards. No motorcycle will be allowed to leave the rental station if the damage deposit is not covered by your credit card. In this event you will be still held liable for the rental payment charges in full.
The deposit
is your maximum liability for theft or damage to the vehicle. In some cases for particular models this may not be the case. You will be specifically informed prior to booking such a motorcycle.

5. Insurance: All vehicles are requested by law in Italy to have third party liability insurance. So all rental vehicles will be covered against damages towards third parties and transported passengers. There is no possibility to have fully comprehensive insurance on rental motorcycles in Italy. Any limitation on damages on the motorcycle is made on the back of the rental company. This is the reason why there are different damage deposits depending on model and value of the motorcycles. In case of total destruction or theft you will loose your entire damage deposit. In the event of damages to the bike, the damage deposit will be held on standby by the rental company and once damage has been assessed, you will informedand charged accordingly.


5.1) damage to the rented motorcycle resulting from accidents between rental bikes are NOT covered by the third party liability insurance. In this instance the rental clients will be fully liable for any damage caused to people or motorcycles with no limitation.

5.2) damage to the rented motorcycle resulting from an accident where the rental client was under the influence of alcohol or drugs will also NOT benefit from the damage deposit limitation.

5.3) damage resulting from the rental client's gross misconduct will also NOT benefit from the damage deposit limitation

5.4) in the event that your rented vehicle is confiscated by the police for circumstances depending from the rental client's negligence, the rental client will be held liable for rental charges for the time the vehicle remains in police custody and for any additional charges related to this offence

6. We will always strive to supply the reserved motorcycle. However, in some instances this may not be possible. (E.g. the previous rental customer damages your wished motorcycle severely a few days prior to your rental commencement). CIMT and associates will supply an alternative equivalent replacement motorcycle. In the unlikely event that this would not be possible CIMT and associates will provide a complete rental fee refund. CIMT will not be liable for any sums of money above the cost of the rental charge.

7. All rented motorcycles are covered by european breakdown assistance. In the case of a mechanical failure during the rental period you will get a refund for the time the motorcycle was not useable. CIMT or associates are not, under any circumstance, liable for any additional expense. If the technical issue due to a fault in the motorcycle takes longer than 48 hours to solve, we shall, depending on availability, subsitute the faulty motorcycle with a replacement bike. This is only possible within the Italian territory. There are no free of charge replacement bikes for crashed motorcycles. If a breakdown occurs you will immediately inform our head office and follow instructions until the problem has been solved. Failure to do so will result in a breach of contract and you will not be able to claim the rental refund for the loss of use of the motorcycle. In no circumstance, unless agreed with the rental station, you are entitled to abandon your rented motorcycle. Penalty for abandoning the rented bike without CIMT's consent will cost 2000. . 

7b. CIMT is an Italian rental company and will offer the best assistance within the Italian territory. As per Italian law, rental motorbikes in Italy are allowed to travel with copies of the registration and insurance documents. Under no circumstance shall CIMT supply original papers. You are free to exit the Italian borders, but you must understand that you may not have the necessary documents with you, especially if you leave the EU and Switzerland. 

7c. Our breakdown assistance is european. However, in the event of a breakdown outside of Italy, where the bike cannot be repaired in time, even if in warranty, and the bike needs to be retrieved by us, the transportation costs up until the Italian border will be entirely at the cost of the client. 

8. Pick up and drop off can be made in different rental stations for selected models. In some specific cases, for a price to be agreed, CIMT and associates will deliver and collect the rental vehicle directly at your hotel or other agreed site.

9. You must make an appointment to collect and return your rental motorcycle. If you think there may be a delay in the agreed times and dates please advice the rental station as soon as possible

10. Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous CIMT and associates cannot be held liable for any harm or injuries occurred during the use of rental motorcycles.

11. For any driving offence incurred by clients during their rental, CIMT will be notified by the police and will inform them about who was driving and their personal details. You will then be contacted directly by the Italian authorities. For the admin work involved in this CIMT will charge the clients 25 euro per ticket. In some cases the police will charge CIMT directly. In this case, CIMT will send you copies of the ticket and ask you to pay us instead.  


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