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About Us


CIMT is a small company, grown out of passion for motorcycling in Italy. The main objective is to offer motorcycles and services for anyone wanting to visit Italy on a motorcycle in the most cost effective way. Our goal will never be international expansion, but an ever increasing specialization in this geographical part of the world, blessed with fantastic roads, excellent food, history and culture.


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Francesco is the owner and founder of CIMT back in 2001. Since 2016 he has moved to Florence and is currently setting up our logistic fleet storage place and rental point in the center of Italy. CIMT represents what Francesco does best. Ride a motorcycle, interact with people and organize rides in any shape and size.  With our steady growth in business over the past 5 years unfortunately he's spending more time behind a PC rather than on a bike, and certainly doesn't have time to go snowboarding anymore...  profile-pic.jpg (51563 byte)
Riccardo is based in the Rome office and has been with CIMT since 2012. He takes care of the fleet in Rome and answers emails occasionally. He speaks excellent Spanish, English and gets by in French. His claim to fame is being a Moto Guzzi rider and having been the President of the Italian Motorcyclist Coordination movement for 20 years. Riccardo will look after you when you reach our Rome office and solve any kind of issue you may have during your rental.  riccardo_profilo_web.jpg (97839 byte)
Rodolfo is based in our Milan office and is the new guy at CIMT this year, so don't give him too much of a hard time. It's a steep learning curve! He takes care of the fleet in Milan and Venice. Rodolfo is an Italian Federation certified riding instructor. If you need any advice on riding techniques he's our man in Milan. Rodolfo will greet you in our office in Milan and look after you during pick up and drop off operations. He speaks a good level English rodolfo_large.jpg (60422 byte)
Claudio is our tour-packaging referent and owns Freelance srl. Claudio and his wife process all of the tour bookings, payments, make the hotel reservations and oversee our touring program in detail. Claudio is fairly new to the motorcycle world, but has been infected by the virus now, and won't be able to get rid of it for many years to come.


C.I.M.T. (Francesco Venzi)
via Eusebio Chini 27/65
00147 Roma

tel: +39 06 9522 3075
fax: +39 06 8987 0093
cell: +39 335 793 8218


Legal office and invoicing address:
C.I.M.T. (Central Italy Motorcycle Tours) di
Francesco Emilio Venzi
via delle Mura 12
01100 Viterbo

P.IVA 06834741008


Rental station addresses are assigned depending on your booking. Email us to book your motorcycle.

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