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Motorcycling Philosophy

CIMT is a small company, grown out Francesco’s passion for motorcycling. After years of steady growth and increasing levels of business, the pandemic was an opportunity to rethink what CIMT was all about. The result was to re-evaluate our priorities. Our passion for touring had to come first. With over 20 years of experience in designing and guiding tours in Italy, we decided to drastically reduce our fleet of rental bikes and use them just for our tours. Our focus from now on will be on tours.

Our goal is to offer an authentic Italian slice of life. We seek to get people from all over the world to experience how much fun can be had in Italy on motorcycles.

Our recipe is simple but at the same time difficult to accomplish. A small number of participants, well balanced itineraries between riding and experiencing, a never ending interest in seeking out the hidden treasures of our land, seeking authenticity rather than overrated sophistication, true companionship rather than simple customer service. We don’t want you to feel like clients, but as our guests and friends.

Our tours should be a full immersion in Italy. You’ll be exposed to all of Italy. Starting from its climate, its perfumes, its driving and social habits, its food and culture. We’ll support you along the way making sure everything runs smoothly and that you make the most out of your trip.

Who is Francesco?

born in 1970 in Lafayette (Indiana – USA) from Italian father and English mother he grew up in Rome (Italy) until he finished high school. He then moved to the UK to complete his studies in Economics and made his first professional experiences in Sales and Marketing before returning to Italy in 1998. After 3 years working in the film industry he decided to start CIMT in 2001 and has been doing this ever since.
Francesco is bilingual in English and Italian, has good knowledge of German and basic knowledge of Spanish and French.
His motorcycle riding career starts in 1983 when his father bought a 50cc scooter to be ridden around the countryside. In 1987 he bought his first 125cc dirt bike, a 1976 Italian Aspes Hopi 125RGEL, and after that he borrowed his brother’s Gilera 200cc. Only in 1996 he entered the world of big bikes buying a 4 cylinder Kawasaki 600 which he still owns and rides occasionally. Since 2002 it has been a progression and succession of bikes. He now really enjoys riding his Moto Guzzi V85TT on tours, and the Royal Enfield Himalayan on dirt roads.


C.I.M.T. (Francesco Venzi)
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