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Making Motorcycle Tours in Italy Affordable!!!

If you are looking for an organised motorcycle tour in Italy and the Alps, look no further. We offer a variety of tours which cover the most interesting parts of Italy. We have tried and tested these routes over the years (since 2002), so you are guaranteed a great motorcycle touring experience. 

Francesco, owner of CIMT, has put these tours together, and will guide them personally, having selected locations and roads that he loves to ride. He has developed some short low budget tours and some longer ones, depending on the terrain that is covered. We don't seek luxury, but comfort and authenticity. We normally stay in selected 3 star family run hotels with a homely feel, situated in the historical centers of towns, and within walking distance from the where Italian life pulsates in the evening. In our tour a stroll down the main street and an aperitif are always close by. 

Although we visit some cultural and historical sites, these tours are motorcycle riding tours, so the main dish is riding the bikes. Clearly, we try to give a meaning to being in Italy, so we do visit some very famous sites and some very interesting off the beaten track sites, but no more than one of each per day. 

Francesco is of the persuasion that you can only understand the soul of a country through its cooking and its food produce. So we shall seek to taste food and drinks typical of the region you will be riding through. Every evening we shall dine at a local restaurant that will offer the local dishes at their best. Nothing fancy, just good genuine local Italian regional food. 

Our tours will be an intense Italian motorcycle experience that you can enjoy only riding with a local Italian guide, one that truly loves his country and that will be proud to show you around and make it an unforgettable experience. 

We hope you'll join us for your next motorcycle riding vacation! Ciao!



(5 full riding days)

from April-October 2017/18

An incredible full immersion in the Tuscan most classic countryside

prices start at 2000 euro - 6 nights 5 days

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(6 full riding days)

from March - October 2017/18

Enjoy the Amalfi Coast, then cut across to the Adriatic sea and then back to Rome

prices start at 2320 euro - 7 nights and 6 days

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(7 full riding days)

from April - October 2017/18

Compact tour of the Amalfi Coast and Sicily. If you thought it couldn't be done think again. On this your we'll have the benefit of the support van for the luggage and a spare bike. 

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(6 full riding days)

May and October 

This motorcycle tour starts and ends in Milan and rides through two areas of excellence in Italy. The Langhe and Cinque Terre. We also manage visits to Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Ducati. 

starting from 2425 euro - 6 nights 5 days

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(5 full riding days)

from June - August 2017/18

The most famous pass in the Alps and the most beautiful section of this incredible mountain range in just 5 days - start and end in Milan

starting from 2070 euro - 6 nights 5 days

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(5 full riding days)

from June - August 2017/18

The Alps are not only Stelvio and Dolomites. The Swiss passes in this tour will have you grinning in your helmet all day long!!

starting from 2170 euro - 6 nights 5 days

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(6 full riding days)

June and July 2017/18

The French Alps should not be dismissed lightly. They offer incredible high passes (Bonnette 2818m and Izeran 2770) and a chance to view the amazing lavender fields of Provence

starting at 1950 euro - 6 nights 5 days

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(11 full riding days)

6 - 17 May 2017
14 - 25 October 2017

A relaxed ride to the south of Italy and all the way down to Sicily. Including the Amalfi Coast and a week in Sicily

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(12 full riding days)

June and July 2017/18

From the French Alps to the Dolomites in one go! An amazing road trip across this majestic mountain range.

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12 full riding days

May and September 2017/2018

Starting in Rome, this tour covers the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Cinque Terre and the Dolomites before ending in Venice. A real treat!! 

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more coming us



services provided: 

- motorcycle guide on bike at all times (freedom to just ride and enjoy the scenery knowing your are going to the best places and on the best roads!)
- accommodation with breakfast in 3 or 4 star family run hotels
(hotels with a homely feel and safe parking usually set in the historical center of the towns we stay in)
- motorcycle rental 
(you can come with yours if you want, but it makes life easier, if you use one of ours. You just fly and ride!)
- small groups (min 5 bikes - max 8 bikes)  
(easier to get around, possibility of using smaller cozier hotels. This way we don't invade places, but get a feel of the local way of life) 
- support vehicle
(longer tours will have the benefit of a support vehicle with a spare bike and the possibility of transporting your luggage during the ride. On 5 day tours this will not be used as everything one needs can easily be carried in the panniers of the bikes, with a considerable cost saving) 
- tour handbook 
(for you to be able to venture off on your own, if you wish, but also a great reminder of what you did)
- maps 
(you can mark where you've been and it sets your trip into perspective as to what you still could do in the future)
- welcome and farewell dinners 
(dinners are generally down to you, but at the start and finish of the trip, it is good to all sit at dinner together and have a moment to share expectations and experiences - usually however the group has dinner together and the bill is split individually - Francesco usually selects the evening trattorias and restaurants focusing on local dishes, specialties and products - Italy should also be understood through its cooking)


please contact us on  if you have an interest in any particular tour so that we can drop you a line as soon as we have the details.

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