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Sardinia Motorcycle Rental


Unfortunately we are NOT able to assist you in renting directly in Sardinia, but if you want to ride in Sardinia you can fly into Rome, Milan or Florence/Pisa pick up a bike there and take the ferries that connect the Italian mainland to Corsica or Sardinia (usually overnight)

The ferries are big cruise liners and have cabins with on suite bathrooms. You should consider these as floating hotels. You get on at around 8pm and get off around 7am for the cost of a 3/4 star hotel. 

From Milan ride down to the harbor of GENOVA or SAVONA. 
- Out of Genova you have two options with TIRRENIA. The first to OLBIA and the second to PORTO TORRES -
- Out of Savona you can take CORSICA SARDINIA FERRIES to Bastia (Corsica)

From Florence, or Pisa, ride down to LIVORNO. Here you can choose from two lines. CORSICA SARDINIA FERRIES or MOBY LINES. 
- Corsica Sardinia Ferries will connect you to GOLFO ARANCI (near Olbia) or to BASTIA (Corsica) -
- Moby Lines will connect you to OLBIA -

From Rome you can ride to CIVITAVECCHIA (80km) or NAPOLI (230km - near Amalfi Coast). 
Out of Civitavecchia you can choose from MOBY LINES or TIRRENIA. 
- Moby Lines will connect you to OLBIA - 
- Tirrenia will connect you to OLBIA -
Out of NAPOLI Tirrenia connects you to either CAGLIARI or OLBIA -


Let us know if you need any help in organizing this. We'll be very happy to hear from you:


Other rental stations: Rome, Milan, Catania, Venice, Lecce