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As far as geological composition, these "small" dolomites of the south are very close to the more famous Alpine Dolomites. They are, of course, much lower in altitude and their remoteness in the South has made them less of a tourist mecca. This has enabled them to preserve their natural beauty.

Just a dozen miles South East of Potenza you climb to Castelmezzano, Pietrapertosa, which incidently means rockwith a hole, and Accettura to witness their beauty. You'll be in the Regional Park of Gallipoli and of the Piccole Dolomiti Lucane.

Nearly completely off the beaten track you can combine this ride when visiting Cilento or make it your crossing point from Thyrrenian to Adriatic sea whilst visiting Southern Italy.

In the vcinity and worth a visit is also the regional park of the Chiese Rupestri, old medioeval churches built on mountain ridges just south of Matera.

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Our tour which visits this ride is the "MYTHOLOGICAL SOUTH" tour


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We'd like to thank Carmine and Rocco (CaRo) for the pictures in this page. They have put together a web site named for the passionate promotion of this region of Italy. The website is only in Italian at the moment but soon there will be an english version available too. Watch this space!