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old school Ducati rental


For those if you who love the old school Italian bikes we are putting together a fleet of air cooled Italian bikes to be rented in the heart of the best riding available in Italy - Tuscany.

Available only out of our base in Florence you can enjoy a trip down memory lane for a day or two, or for your Tuscan vacation. These old ladies will take you back in time to motorcycling before 150hp, traction control, abs, etc etc. when riding was an emotional thing instead of a technological circus ; )!

These are the bikes. We'll add as we go along...


Ducati Monster 900 i.e.

MY00 with 87hp with dry clutch is a real classic.
An amazing ride free of all electronic gimmicks. An incredible emotional trip down memory lane. 

Still keeps up with the more modern bikes and sounds just the part!

Ducati Monster 600 Dark

MY01 the last version before the 620. An easy bike which at the time represented 46% of Ducati sales. If this isn't a piece of history what is?

Still a a fun and easy bike to ride, especially around the amazing Chianti roads. Try it!!

Ducati 900SS i.e. HF

MY00 with 87hp with dry clutch is the last of the 900SS. We chose the HF (half fairing) as it is the more beautiful version. 
Sport riding at its purest. The low vibes of the "pompone" and amazing chassis, and the race riding position will make you enjoy an amazing ride

Ducati Monster S4

OK, are you ready to frighten your self?
Only for people who really know what they are doing - please! 
This is an insane Monster with the 916cc engine. Yes! that same engine! It's got Ohlins front and rear, and an Ohlins steering damper! It's also got more carbon bits that you would find on a stealth bomber and Termingnonis ; )!! Good Luck!


Soon pictures and videos of the real bikes...

All of our bikes are well cared for and looked after by our personal "old school" mechanic in Florence (Desmotech). Within minutes, you'll be on some of the best roads in the world enjoying all of the Ducati heritage on the roads they were built for  












with extra ins. 

Ducati Monster 600 (1) 160 190 235 280 325 370 45 0,22 2500 1250
Ducati SS 900HF (2) 190 225 285 340 395 445 55 0,22 2500 1250
Ducati Monster 900 (1) 190 225 285 340 395 445 55 0,22 2500 1250
Ducati Monster S4 (1) 220 255 330 400 470 530 60 0,22 2500 1250





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